We are open all year round and every season offers its special charm.

Given time there is much to experience on Lugnåsberget. You are in the middle of the countryside so here you can relax and just be.

On Lugnåsberget it is easy to find places to like, either by yourself or with others. The mountain is shaped by millstones and stonecutters. From the top of the mountain, by the church gate, you have a fine view, and it’s a great place to watch the sunrise and sunset.

Lugnåsberget is Västergötland’s smallest plateau mountain and lies both in the Biosphere Reserve Vänerskärgården med Kinnekulle (Lake Vänern archipelago with Kinnekulle mountain) and Platåbergens (Plateau Mountain’s) Geopark.
There are marked hiking trails here, winding tracks and large forests in which to hike or run. Biosphere/Pilgrimsleden trail between Läckö, Kinnekulle and Mariestad passes the Ekohotell. A hike on Stenhuggarstigen on Lugnåsberget is a memorable experience where millstones line the road. Walking along the shore of Lake Vristulven is a wonderful experience of nature where beaver and waterfowl can be spotted.
Lugnåsberget offers relaxed cycle tours, for the most part on tracks with sparse traffic. Distances are short and you will have many great countryside experiences. We have several suggestions of longer cycle tours for those of you who wish to peddle a little further. It is for example 50 km to the Göta Canal and Vallevägen’s rolling hills down to Varnhem, circa 30 km to Kinnekulle’s mountain peak and circa 20 km to Mariestad’s restaurants.
In the forest immediately south of Lugnåsberget your experience is twofold. Here the forest is both mighty and tranquil and a wilderness-like forest lake awaits you. Depending on the season you can swim, fish, paddle a canoe, walk and skate here, or just make a campfire in one of the many fire pits. Fauna is rich and one often sees ospreys soaring over the lake. In the forest of course there are blueberries, raspberries, lingonberries and all kinds of mushrooms.
By all means complete the day relaxing in our wood-fired sauna. Enjoy the warmth under the cherry tree as the sun sets. Sleep well in the peace and quiet. Next morning an ecological breakfast basket awaits, for a great start to the day.

TIPS FOR EXCURSIONS a little further afield

Qvarnstensgruvan (The Millstone Mine) is open at weekends from May to August and every day from midsummer to the middle of August, between 12.00 and 17.00. There is a Museum of Work which relates the story of the production of millstones with a guided tour over and under ground. There is a little café with home-baked pastries. The area is beautiful and exciting and well worth a visit even if the museum is not open. You can also book a private tour. Circa 3 km from the Ekohotell.

Stenhuggarstigen (Stonecutters Path), a circa 6 km hiking trail with information on, for example, the millstone quarry and life on the mountain. Start point is circa 1 km from the Ekohotell.

Forest Lake Vristulven for walks, swimming, paddling, fishing, skating, beaver spotting. Circa 5 km from the Ekohotell.

Vristulvens Adventure centre at Dyrenäs organises activities for groups at the lake. Circa 5 km from the Ekohotell.

Vänern Outdoor organises kayak tours for groups in Lakes Vristulven and Vänern.

EkoGrönt is a farm shop with ecological produce. It also has its own nature path of circa 2 km that one can walk. Circa 1 km from the Ekohotell.

Utforska vår närhet

We love our little mountain, but there are other interesting and exciting places in our vicinity. At the Ekohotell we have organised small excursion packets to places that we like to visit.

There are collections of brochures and journal clippings so that you can plan your excursion. Here you can cherry-pick from the information. For more information, see  

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